Georgia woman fires gun inside McDonald’s – because her fries were too cold

It’s easy to get a little grumpy when you’re hungry.

It happens to the best of us, losing your temper when your food is late, or when it’s way below expectations.

However, a woman in Georgia recently took it to a whole new level.

This happened last Monday in the small town of Garden City, Georgia.

The restaurant in the picture has no connection with this news. Image: Wikipedia

A woman got so angry after being served cold fries at a McDonald’s that she opened fire with a weapon, reports local news site WTOC11.

Arrested without further incidents

At first, the woman grabbed her food and left, but after a while, she returned to complain. As the manager went to fetch a new batch of fries, according to the owner, the woman stormed into the kitchen in fired a shot into the floor.

gun McDonald's
Image: PxHere

The owner gave the armed woman a refund – she took it and left, writes the news site.

The police arrived a little later. By then, however, the suspect had left, but it didn’t take long for the police to identify and find her – they arrested her without further incidents.

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