Dirty joke (fictitious): Benny wakes up after a crazy night with strange rings on his “Johnson” – but can’t remember why

Something that always cheers me up is dirty jokes. It might be childish, and some of them might rub political correct people the wrong way – but most often than not – the jokes are so much fun.

But I’d rather be childish than boring, and this is because I really believe that “having a good laugh extends your life.” This saying has been around for so long I’m certain it’s actually true.

Therefore, I thought about sharing a funny story I found online today, it got me laughing so hard I spat out my coffee – It’s so good!

The happy youngster Benny had a free Friday, so he decided to visit the local pub.

Benny was a young and popular stud in his small village, known by the vast majority of habitats, the ladies would often send smiles and winks Benny’s way. Confidently, Benny stepped into the tavern and greeted everyone who happily greeted back.

Looked down and became worried

Benny stayed at the pub all night. He drank like never before in his life.

When he woke up the next morning, his head pounded and his mouth felt as dry as a desert. Benny sat up in bed and tried to remember what happened yesterday, but he just couldn’t – he had succumbed complete drunk-memory-loss blackout.

He noticed that he fell asleep naked, and after sitting on the edge of the bed with the intention of getting up, he looked down and what he saw terrified him.

Straight to the doctor’s office

Around his “Johnson”, were 2 colored marks, one was red and the other brown, it looked like two rings.

Benny instantly felt very worried, he had no idea how those rings ended up on his “precious”.

While getting more and more worried, Benny managed to get his act together and headed straight to the town’s doctor’s office.

Where in heaven did the rings come from?

“Oooh, phew!”

Once at the doctor’s office, Benny pulled down his pants and showed his member to the doctor.

“Mhmm, mhmm,” hummed the doctor.

“What, what does that mean?” asked Benny nervously.

“It’s nothing dangerous, but I don’t know if you are gonna like it when you know where the rings came from,” the doctor replied.

“Okay, what do you mean then?” wondered Benny.

“The red ring is lipstick,” the doctor said calmly.

“Oooh, phew! Then I got a blowjob yesterday, probably from a beautiful lady, said Benny full of pride. What is the brown one then?” Benny wondered.

The doctor, hearing his reaction, smiled and said:

“It’s skoal.”

I laughed so hard tears came out when I read the end!

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