Here are the new bra pads – that will cool down your breasts

Here are the new bra pads – that will cool down your breasts

The weather is so hot right now, that many are desperately looking for ways to cool down. Just sitting in the shade and drinking water is not enough with this heat – and according to most forecasts, temperatures will rise even more in the coming days.

This applies to most states in the USA and some countries in Europe.

In times like these, products start appearing to help with a common problem – and now perhaps the most brilliant solution is here!

What do you think about bra pads – that help to cool down the breasts?

cool bra pads
Image: Polar Products

Admittedly, this product is for women (or drag queens) – but if you want something similar for guys: check this article.

This product will help you survive the heatwave, so if you are a woman, or you care about your wife/girlfriend, there is no better present than this.

Feels comfortable

The invention is called “Cool58® Bra Coolers” and was developed by the company Polar Products to be able to cool your breasts down when it gets too warm outside. To be completely honest, I bought a pack, and it changed my life.

Thanks to science, the pads freeze at 58º, so they can activate in, for example, ice water. And since the covers are made of cotton, they fit in pretty comfortably.

Each package contains two posts – one for each breast. You can order them in sizes that fit cups A, B, and C.

Image: Polar Products

A pair costs $37

For bra cups sizes D and larger, you’ll have to get 2 sets to cover all the surface. A bonus is that the company guarantees the product is very discreet, according to Ladbible.

What does it cost to cool yourself this summer? Well, for only $37.11, a set of breast coolers can be yours. It’s certainly not a small price, but think about the advantages of, no matter where you go, having your own portable coolers with you!

Is this a product for you? Then you can buy them here!

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