Get overheated in your pants? No worries – here’s the pouch cooler that’ll save your summer

If today was April fools, you would have thought this was just another silly joke – but trust me, this is 100% the truth.

With that said, there is a reason to wear this sci-fi looking testicles cooler – apart from, of course, chilling your scrotum.

This invention helps with fertility problems!

The company CoolTec was the one that designed and produced this device that resembles underwear for men. The garment will not only cool down your testicles during those hot days of summer, but it will also help men with a very important and common problem.

Picture: CoolTec

Most importantly, the product will increase semen production and fertility. Studies have shown that temperature plays a vital role in the quality of men’s sperm – and this means much better conditions for pregnancy with their testicles in a colder environment.

Must wear it for an entire month

CoolTec created this product because fertility is a serious problem for many men. To achieve optimal results, one should, according to awesome inventions, wear the garment at least 12 hours a day – for an entire month. It gives the device enough time to stabilize the temperature of the testicles and increase semen effectiveness.

Picture: CoolTec

The device is made from certified anti-bacterial materials that guarantee it’s safe to use – and you can also connect it to your mobile phone to control the temperature of your testicles in real time.

Picture: CoolTec

At the same time, this solution can certainly help someone who is usually “a bit hot in the groin”. In fact, there seem to be only benefits – and according to the company, the product is quite comfortable to wear.

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