How do you place your legs when sitting? Your position might say something important

Long have we have tried to draw conclusions about people based on external resources. From reading hands, where the lines on the palm of your hand are supposed to give information about your future, to today’s personality tests online.

I take this kind of “truths” myself with a pinch of salt. It is probably the safest bet, but of course, you decide that yourself. People can trust whatever they want, but being able to read information about your personality can be both fun and exciting.

It’s actually pretty neat when it’s true!

This particular personality test is based on how you place your legs when you sit down – and it was spot-on for me!

We often sit down dozens of times a day. How people set their legs when they sit varies from person to person, but there is usually a way you are more inclined to. Did you know it can provide information about your personality?

At least according to Home Remedy and The Usual Routine. Perhaps this may point out something you didn’t think about, or just share a fact you already know it’s true.

Creative and charismatic?

Now we will go through what the 5 different positions for the legs say about you as a person when you are sitting. What position do you prefer?

Position A

These people are creative and charismatic. They usually lead a happy and cheerful life, and with them, it’s difficult to have a boring moment. However, their easy-going attitude makes them wait for problems to solve themselves. They have a tendency to speak before they think, but they are easy to talk to.

Position B

Those who sit in this position are dreamers. They possess a great imagination, are very creative and have great vision. Such types are often the “soul of the team”. You never get bored working with them because they often have new and sometimes incredible ideas. They are passionate and like to travel and have an easy time making friends. They don’t wait for new opportunities to fall in their lap – once they have an idea, they make sure it gets done. Therefore, don’t be surprised if these people spontaneously decide to move to different cities, change jobs or even partners. They get bored if they are in the same place for too long.


Take your time and don’t rush things?

Position C

These are people who have some difficulty concentrating and staying still. They surround themselves with chaos, but they themselves believe they have full control of their life and are therefore pretty relax about it. They focus a lot on their looks and being comfortable at the same time.

Position D

People sitting in this position are intelligent, want to keep up with the times and always behave properly. They prefer to keep personal thoughts and feelings to themselves and also don’t feel comfortable around people that say whatever they are thinking. However, they are not afraid to confront those who misbehave. They can sometimes be perceived as a little rude or cold.

Position E

These people are very driven and often focus on having a successful life. Therefore, they don’t rush to start a family, instead; they take their time and let things run their course. They set high goals for themselves and will work hard to achieve them.

It’s fascinating how much our body language can reveal! I definitely saw myself in these descriptions. If you think this was interesting, then please press that share button and pass the test on to your friends!