Law proposal that might save the summer: Paid leave when the temperature reaches 86 degrees

After the bit of rain last weekend, things are warming up again, even here up north; this summer is going to be rough. Most of the USA is affected by the high temperatures – sometimes reaching levels impossible to handle for most of us.

While many people are on vacation and can finally cool off on the beach or at a pool, most of us are still stuck at work. 

There is never a good time for a pandemic, but the timeline for this one was as terrible as it could, right before summer.

During these uncertain times, most of us are putting up as much work as possible. After all, the world economy might crash anytime soon, so savings take priority. And with corona still around, taking time off to stay home in isolation is honestly not that appealing.

It can sometimes be unbearable to carry out your responsibilities in the blazing heat – and therefore comes a suggestion on the subject that thousands online have praised.

Are you tired of working in the heat? Maybe you are sitting in an office, but usually, when the temperature rises, fans and air conditioning stop working. “It’s just too hard, “you might have thought – but now comes a proposal that may spread around the world.

86° temperature

The idea came from the Trade Union Congress (TUC), an association of 50 trade unions in the UK with over 5.5 million members – and the proposal has received overwhelming support from people all over the world.

86° temperature? Go home!

The reason is that the workers should not have to continue working if the thermometer reaches 86 degrees, Ladbible reports. If you are doing strenuous bodywork, the limit should be at 80 degrees, TUC stated.

Picture: Facebook / Youtube

Furthermore, TUC has given employers a list of measures to help employees cool down if it becomes warmer than 75 degrees. In the UK, there is currently no law governing the minimum or maximum accepted temperature levels in workplaces.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady stated, according to Ladbible:

“While many of us love to see the sun, it’s no fun working in a baking office or a stifling factory. Bosses should do all they can to keep the temperature down,” he pointed out. “The easiest way for staff to keep cool inside is being able to work in more casual clothing. While shorts and vest tops may not be appropriate for all, nobody should suffer in the heat for the sake of keeping up appearances.

That you shouldn’t have to work when the weather is unbearable – Isn’t it a great idea? Then press that SHARE button so this may be the case in America too!