Hot beauty trend has people getting hair extensions for the nose

Hot beauty trend has people getting hair extensions for the nose

Few things have as many trends as beauty and fashion. It can be a particular hairstyle that everyone copies, a new item of clothing, a new way to wear a classic pair of pants, or a color combination for the incoming season.

If you look at pictures from the past, you’d probably laugh and wonder how can someone voluntarily choose to dress like that.

But the question is what people in the future will think of this year’s latest trend.

In 2019, the latest fad got most people to raise an eyebrow. The new “trend” was to glue fake eyelashes – inside the nostrils.

Thousands have joined in

Why or how this, to say the least, odd trend emerged, is still surrounded by the obscurity of the internet, the nasal hair trend has really taken off.

Under the hashtag #nosehairextensions, thousands of women have uploaded pictures of themselves with their new fake “nose hair extensions.”

Good news for everyone with a lot of nose hair

Since many people today struggle with getting rid of their stubborn nasal hair, where not even scissors or a custom trimmer helps, this is perhaps the best news of the year.

Instead of cutting down their nasal hair, they can now let their hair grow and join the new trend.

It grows 0.35mm every day

We humans do not have a lot of nose hair compared to other species, but it still, on average, our nasal hair grows 0.35 millimeters per day, which is actually a good thing.

Nasal hair is the first line of protection the nose has against external influences such as bacteria and dirt.

In other words, maybe this trend can actually be a healthy one?

What do you think? Would you like to try it?

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