Researchers conclude: Being easily amused is a sign of very high intelligence

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and don’t I know it! Sure, it’s important to eat right and exercise every now and then. But I think laughing well and often is what really lengthens your life.

Researchers have now found that people who laugh a lot – especially at dark jokes – have a higher than average IQ, as reported by the website Powerful Mind.

Do you have a hard time keeping from laughing at things that you “shouldn’t” laugh at? Then a congratulations is in order, because enjoying dark humor is a sign of exceptional intelligence.

Three separate groups

Dark jokes present morbid, upsetting subjects using humorous words or images.

A group of Austrian researchers asked 156 participants to rate cartoons based on black humor as well as take an IQ test.

After analyzing the data, the researchers found that the participants fell into 3 different groups:

More highly educated and more intelligent

The first group found dark humor moderately funny, and were of average intelligence.

The second group did not particularly enjoy dark humor, and were of average intelligence as well.

The third group found dark humor hilarious. These participants also scored highly on intelligence tests, and they turned out to be more highly educated than the other groups.

An easier time understanding jokes

According to the researchers, smarter people are quicker at understanding the context and meaning of a joke.

To find something funny, you need to understand why a word or idea is inappropriate or absurd, and how it violates your expectations. Basically, it’s all about problem-solving applied to words and the joke teller’s intent, and more intelligent people have a head start in that department.

Do you find “forbidden” jokes funny? Then congratulations!

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