Do you like gin and tonic? Then you might be a psychopath, says new study

When it comes to drinks, coffee and beer are my big passions. But it never occurred to me that my favorite drinks might say something about my personality.

It turns out, that’s exactly how it is! A new study reveals that your taste in drinks and food can indicate what kind of a person you are.

But don’t worry, you’re probably safe – unless you love gin and tonic.

No matter the season, I just love sitting down by a window, watching the world outside, and enjoying a good drink. Calm and peaceful moments like that just make my day! I tend to like coffee even more than usual during winter, while I prefer lighter drinks during summer.

I do love me a cold beer every once in a while as well – I think we all have our “vices” when it comes to drinks. Sitting down with a glass – or a cup – filled with something warm and delicious can really be a highlight of the day, whether you’re relaxing by yourself or sharing the moment with a friend.


I never thought about whether my favorite drinks could say something about my personality. It seems such a small and innocent thing, after all – but an Austrian study claims that that really is the case.

Bitter foods and sadism

Innsbruck University has recently done research on the connection between different foods, drinks and personality traits. In two separate experiments, 1,000 participants filled out a list where they ranked their favorite foods and drinks.

They then took a personality test to measure their levels of psychopathic tendencies. This involved rating how much they agreed or disagreed with statements like “I enjoy tormenting people”.

The results indicate that people who prefer bitter things (such as gin, tonic, dark chocolate and coffee) – had more psychopathic tendencies than those who did not like such foods.


Christina Sagioglou, the author of the study, says that most people avoid bitter tasting things because we associate them with poisonous foods.

Psychopaths, on the other hand, are attracted to risk-taking and more bitter tastes.

That’s why we should keep and extra eye on people who love gin and tonic. Of course, research like this should always be taken with a grain of salt. But I think it’s still interested to consider that your taste in food and drinks could say something about you as a person.

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