Simon builds a car out of snow – gets a "ticket" from the police

Simon builds a car out of snow – gets a “ticket” from the police

A couple of policemen were in for a real surprise when they discovered a car that was illegally parked. Upon closer inspection, they found that the car neither had license plates, engine or even wheels.

They had been tricked by a snow sculpture, but despite this, they wrote the guilty person a “ticket”, as reported by Global News.

33-year old Montrealer Simon Laprise was the mind behind this ingenious prank. After a large snowstorm, he decided to do something creative: build a car out of snow.

It took him 4 hours to complete the sculpture, which is intended to be a DeLorean DMC-12, famously featured in the 80’s movie “Back to the Future”.

Apparently the car turned out pretty well – it certainly managed to trick the Canadian policemen from afar!

Confused officers

When the officers discovered the snowy vehicle, they called for backup and closely investigated the car. All the while, Laprise stood at a safe distance and photographed the policemen, who finally decided to put a note on the sculpture.

When the officers had left the scene, Simon took a look at what they had left. To his surprise, it wasn’t your everyday parking ticket!

Instead, the policemen had left a note to the creator.

“You made our night! Hahahaha :)”

Simon then shared the photos of his adventure on his Facebook page where they have now been widely spread.

He says that he performed this prank to mess with the snow plowers.

I thought this was really creative, and I loved the officers’ reaction!

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