Suggestion: Only men should be allowed to go grocery shopping

The coronavirus Covid-19 has stopped the world on its tracks. Life, as we knew it, feels like nothing but a distant dream now.

The biggest problem with this virus is how easily it spreads, you can even carry it without experiencing any symptoms, so most countries around the world have opted to force a quarantine on their citizens, which means people should stay indoors as much as possible and only go outside for essential needs, such as going to the doctor or shopping groceries.

To go a step further in preventing the spread of this virus, the mayor of the Japanese city of Osaka proposed that only men should do grocery shopping.

The reason? Women take too long.

The controversial statement from Osaka Mayor, Ichiro Matsui, has raised strong reactions worldwide, reports the Daily Mail.

Osaka has, with its 2.7 million inhabitants, approximately 1,600 reported cases of coronavirus so far. That makes Osaka Japan’s second most affected city after Tokyo.

coronavirus groceries
Osaka. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The men should take care of the groceries

The Japanese government has announced a state of emergency across the country to stop the infection, which in turn, prompted Ichiro Matsui’s proposal.

He wants the man to be in charge of the groceries in all households in Osaka.

“When a woman goes… it will take time. ‘If it was men, if you were told to get this or that, then you would go directly… and go home,” he said. “It’s also fine for men to go shopping while avoiding contact,” that’s how Matsui answered a question about how to solve food shopping problems, according to the Daily Mail.

shopping for groceries
Image source: Piqsels

The proposal, which has been heavily criticized for being misogynistic, also said married couples should avoid going shopping together.

It’s the other way around

Many women in Japan have taken the statement poorly, and claim that it is quite the opposite, that women are much faster and efficient while shopping because they know what is going on and where everything is.

Osaka mayor, later that week, also proposed those born in months with even numbers should only shop during even dates, and those born in months with uneven numbers should shop on uneven dates.

A mess, in other words. However, wouldn’t it be nice to let the men at home take care of getting all the groceries? Maybe even do the rest of the chores as well? You know that red wine is not gonna drink itself. Someone has to make the sacrifice and have a glass while watching their favorite Netflix show.

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