Greedy shopper tries to return 4,800 toilet rolls after failing to make profit – store manager’s revenge is perfect

In recent weeks, we all have been hunting for toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

For some reason, in light of the corona crisis, some very random products have become a rare sight. This is because there are always idiots looking to make a quick buck by buying all the essentials around – and selling them later at ridiculous prices.

An Australian store manager recently witnessed this in person. Furious at the selfish customer trying to take advantage of the situation, he replied in kind, the Ladbible reports.

Drake’s supermarkets are a food chain in Australia. In one of these stores south of the country, a bizarre event took place the other day.

Manager John-Paul, or JP Drake, was called to one of the tills by a colleague who told him “You’ve got to hear this.”

Bought over 4 800 rolls of paper

The shopkeeper soon met a customer who wanted to return some of the goods he had bought in the shop, nothing wrong with that. However, the items included – buckle up – One hundred fifty 32-packs of toilet paper and One hundred fifty 1-liter bottles of hand sanitizer.

“This sort of behavior is disgraceful. These kinds of people are what’s wrong with the world right now,” said John-Paul in a Youtube video. And rightfully so, because there is no way someone would buy that amount of product just for themselves, the person probably intended to make money from it.

Image: Twitter / @ intoyourblue

JP refused to take back the goods, but that did not mean that this selfish customer gave up. The next day, they returned with all the receipts in to settle the hefty refund.

“He came back and offered me a 30 percent discount,” said John-Paul, who points out that the store has only been selling these items one at a time during the corona crisis so that as many people as possible can get them.

“He would have had to have come in 150 times to buy them. That’s 150 (other) customers who have missed out.”

Asked the customer to leave

The shopkeeper suspects that the greedy individual – alongside a team of shoppers he coordinated with ​​– bought these items while demand was high to sell them at an inflated price, but obviously things didn’t go as planned.

Picture: Youtube

However, JP didn’t change his mind, he claimed – and firmly asked the customer to leave his store and never return. The manager emphasized that the store will never welcome this kind of person – who wants to make money by taking advantage of people in need.

In other words, karma came back to bite these people in the ass. And they were not the only ones who tried to make money during these difficult times and failed miserably. Two brothers bought 18,000 bottles of sanitizer to re-sell and make huge profits in Hixson, Tennessee.

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People need to stop trying to make money out of other’s suffering!