Underwear that’ll make your farts odorless is finally here

We all have a friend who likes to break wind at the worst possible times. But of course, it’s rarely a thing people do on purpose, but when you are in a crowd and someone drops a bad one, you can’t help but wonder how can a person smell so bad.

Certainly, some times you can’t control a powerful fart – but usually it’s no problem to hold that stinky smoke cloud in. Just look for the closest toilet and once inside – you can let go of all the accumulated gas.

However, the company Flat-D Innovations came up with a world-wide solution for all those who can’t control their gases around people. Effectively finding a way for them to be able to release their farts, but at the same time, without the smell and awkwardness that come with them.

Comfortable to use

The result is a padded fabric that you can put on your underwear – and neutralize the smell of your farts. The product contains charcoal, which according to the company’s site, other fields use frequently to remove odors in different products.

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The pad is only 1.5 millimeters thick (or 364”) and can be washed without losing its efficiency. It’s easily placed below the underwear or panties and should be both comfortable and light.

Even if, of course, you shouldn’t be ashamed of farting, this saves your surroundings the pain of having to smell your digested breakfast.

And so, the only challenge now is to keep the gas silent, but if you pass wind in public regularly, you have probably already mastered the craft.

We all know someone who farts a bit too much and would make great use of this incredible invention. Now tag that person in the comment section on Facebook, or share this article with your stinky friends!