Woman presses charges against man for saying "hello"

Woman presses charges against man for saying “hello”

Being a police officer is not easy. You are supposed to protect us, the citizens, whenever we are in danger. Calling 911 is a right we have as Americans, and you should never hesitate to call if you feel that your safety is in jeopardy.

However, some people are too quick to jump to conclusions and call 911 for the most stupid reasons. But we are not the only ones that have problems with grown-ups acting like children. Even the Nordics have to deal with such scenarios.

Like it happened in Sundsvall, Sweden, where a woman reported an 80-year-old man to the police—because he kept saying hello to her.

There are easily offended people in every country. However, the 60-year-old woman from today’s story might have taken the cake.

Pressed charges because of a greeting

The reason? She pressed charges with the police because a man kept saying hi whenever they met on the street, reports ST.nu.

Apparently, they encountered each other a few times while walking in the small town. Unfortunately, the man’s customary greetings seem to have offended her to the point that she felt she had no choice but to call the police.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Thus, the police opened an investigation for harassment.

“She felt provoked when he greeted her and said in the report that she was uncomfortable with this,” preliminary investigator Henrik Blusi told local newspapers.

“People have to be able to say hi”

According to the police, it’s unclear if there’s anything else behind this unique complaint filed by the Swedish lady.

“I don’t think it is illegal,” Henrik Blusi said. “People must be able to say hi on the street,” He added.

Image Source: Pikrepo

Yes, of course, you should contact the police if you feel threatened. Nothing wrong with that. However, this was something way above a mere overreaction. Imagine a society where people are not allowed to greet each other.

I would never want to live in a place like that! Especially since I love meeting new people on the street!

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