This is what gynecologists think about their patients

Going to the gynecologist is rarely a pleasant experience. Exposing yourself to someone you have no relation with is uncomfortable, to say the least. However, a health check is essential to know that everything is fine.

When the gynecologist is “checking” you, it’s hard to guess what could be going through their minds.

Is there anything wrong with me? Something I should know about them? What secrets are they hiding?

You are curious—especially when you are displaying such an intimate place to a random person. Therefore, many gynecologists have revealed what they think about their patients and their profession on Whisper.

Gets turned on by some patients

Since they are anonymous, you can probably count on them being quite honest!

“I once had a 20-year-old patient who didn’t know that sex could get you pregnant.”

“As soon as women find out what I do, they no longer want to date me. I’m a gynecologist.”


“I am a gynecologist and have to admit that when some patients come in, I get turned on.”

“It seems that most young women think that ‘quickly pulling out’ is an effective contraceptive.”

“I always try to make my patients feel comfortable before we start. Most of them stress for days before their visit. All I want is for them to leave with the feeling that it isn’t as bad as they fear.”

Gynecologists confess

“I am a gynecologist. But, I hate going to the gynecologist.”

“Today, I could smell a woman as soon as she entered the room. So sad that some people don’t take care of themselves.”

“Young people today are completely fucking crazy!”

“Once upon a time, there was a woman who punched me right in the face.”

“People look at me weird when they hear that I’m a gynecologist.”

“It’s priceless to see people’s facial expressions when they hear I’m a gynecologist. Women—my job is quite important for your health. So stop pretending I’m doing something weird.”

“It’s exhausting to be a gynecologist, but the joy of helping women outweighs it!”

“People seem to think I’m just having fun at work. Think again…”

Joint Base Langley-Eustis

“Sometimes, I hate being a gynecologist. Many patients have a lot of drama in their lives.”

“My wife hates it when I come home and tell her I was with several other women that day. But I’m a gynecologist, so she’s understanding.”

A privates investigator

“I am a gynecologist and wish women would be more comfortable with the procedure. I’m here to help!”

“I am a male gynecologist. My wife supports me but also thinks it’s a little weird that I spend my working days looking into other women’s genitals.”

“I love my job!”

“When people ask what I work with, I answer that I am a privates investigator, but I am actually a gynecologist. The same thing, right?”

“I get horny when I have really beautiful patients.”

“A woman had been abstinent for 36 days and started moaning when I touched her. She now has another gynecologist…”

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