Father’s clever solution to his daughter’s super-short shorts

Summer fashion always leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion. You can see sandals, tank tops, and other garments that look mostly sloppy everywhere. But with such lovely weather, our style doesn’t really matter that much.

Over the years, however, these sloppy garments seem to have become more and more revealing. The fabrics leave almost nothing to the imagination, and shorts somehow look closer to a thong than actual trunks.

As a parent, you may get worried when you see your kids dress in such revealing clothes. And you can, of course, handle this situation in several different ways.

But scolding your son or daughter usually has the opposite effect – so that’s why a dad from Florida handled his daughter’s new clothing in a completely different way, reports Unilad.

Summer is wonderful— you get the sunshine, the warm water, and the evenings that seem to never end.

But with summer comes a rather mediocre fashion, which nowadays seems to be a competition to get as naked as possible without getting arrested for indecent exposure.

Terribly short shorts

One of the most popular fabrics since its creation is jeans. You can get any clothing article made of denim: bags, jackets, shirts, and even shorts.

Today, denim shorts follow the current trend and are as small as possible, to the point that the buttocks are almost visible.

Of course, it is up to everyone to choose what they wear. Still, fashion is sometimes so ruthless that it can almost be seen as facts instead of an option.

Jason Hilley thought so when he saw his daughter’s new shorts, which were much shorter than they had agreed on.

But instead of scolding his teenage daughter Kendall, he chose a completely different approach. A perhaps more educational way to make her realize how revealing the shorts actually were.

Made his own super-short shorts

Jason lives with his family in Florida and is probably what you usually call a fun-loving dad.

So when his teenage daughter Kendall showed off her new, super-short shorts, Jason realized arguing would get him nowhere and instead made a pair for himself.

super-short shorts
Image source: Facebook

Captured everything on film

Of course, someone from the family managed to capture on video Jason showing up his new summer attire, matching his daughter’s.

She couldn’t stop laughing at how crazy yet effective Jason’s solution was.

fashion dad
Image source: Facebook

The hilarious clip posted on Facebook has been seen by over 45 million people, all of whom laugh and applaud her father’s actions.

Check the entire clip below!

You can safely say that this dad chose one of the funniest ways to prove how awful super-short shorts can be!

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