Fashion: Here’s the new swimming gear for the summer

Clothing and accessories seem to be getting smaller with each passing year. Back in the day, you could at least fantasize about what was under the garments, but now there’s barely anything left to the imagination.

There is no indication that this will change, especially when you look at the latest in men’s swimwear.

They show a lot, to say the least. The question is if someone should be allowed to wear these in public without getting charged with indecent exposure.

A report from Ladbible focuses on the latest trend in swimwear for men. If you want to look your best on the beach in the summer of 2021, wear these new swimming shorts – made with lace.

Comes with a matching top

Yes, you read that right. Behind this trend is the Los Angeles-based company Hologram City.

The swimming shorts come with a matching top, which is also utterly transparent.

swimming pants
Image source: Hologram City

Despite its lack of material, the shorts have three pockets, which at least makes them sort of practical.

Swimming Swag Price: $84

This shameless fashion statement is available in pink, blue, purple, black, and white. What’s the price, then?

If you want to be trendy, you gotta cough up the money. Here, however, your wallet will suffer a bit more than usual.

Buying the shorts and “sweater” costs $84.

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