For New Parents: This onesie will make your baby a budget Roomba

Teaching children to help with chores and other things around the house speeds up their learning and understanding of responsibility. It prepares them for the real world.

Cooking, cleaning, and washing do not magically happen by themselves – although it may seem that way during our earlier years.

However, a new and ingenious invention will transform even the youngest of your kids into a helping hand – and for cheap, nonetheless!

Most parents know that when having a child requires a lot of attention. Of course, that is a natural part of life. Still, things you previously gave for granted might become a luxury once you have a kid.

It can be quite challenging to get things done when a little devil is crawling around your home.

Meet the baby mop onesie

On the other hand, it is never too early to teach the little ones to help around the house. And now, thanks to an ingenious creation, cleaning will, from now on, become much more manageable, reports Diply.

Mop onesie
Image: Amazon

Meet the new baby mop onesie. A new garment that will transform toddlers into little helpers while they crawl around the house.

This clever – and adorable – tiny onesie has microfiber cloths on the arms, chest, and legs. When the babies crawl around, they collect dust and dirt, which you can easily get rid of by tossing it in the washing machine.

A gag gift

The garment is available in many different sizes and colors. It costs between $20 and $25 – and can be purchased on Amazon.

Baby chores helper
Image: Amazon

Although we can not guarantee that it works as well as the seller claims. What we do know, is that it is impossible not to smile from the sight of such cuteness. They must learn to help around from an early age. Right?

Several reviews highlight that the onesie is mainly a gag gift – and that should not be taken seriously. However, my friend, who will soon be a mother, will definitely be getting one of these for Christmas!

Image: Amazon

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