Here is the “Baby Mop” which transforms your loving child into a little house helper

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves stuck at home in isolation. We fire up Netflix, catch up with our taxes, and follow what’s going on around the world.

For kids, however, things are great, no school, no homework, and all the tv you can watch. What else could they ask for?

However, this is a great opportunity. Teaching them early to help with things at home speeds up their education and understanding of responsibilities and adulthood.

Cooking, cleaning, and other chores don’t just magically happen – although that’s how they might perceive it.

With that in mind, there’s an invention that can transform even the youngest in the family into a helping hand around the house – and in addition, it’s super cheap!

Most parents know that when you have a child, they need a lot of attention. Of course, it’s normal, but it can lead to a bigger appreciation of the things you could do when you didn’t have children. It’s a real challenge to get things done while caring for a new life.

Introducing the Baby Mop

On the other hand, it is never too early to have a helping hand around the house. And thanks to a genius idea from a new company, getting help cleaning your floors has never been easier, reports Diply.

baby mop
Image: Amazon

Introducing the Baby Mop, a garment that allows toddlers to clean while crawling around on the floor!

This smart – cute – and small baby suit has microfiber mops on both the arms and legs. When they crawl around, they collect dust and dirt, which you can clean up in the washing machine.

A great gag gift

The garment is available in different sizes, variants, and colors. The price ranges between $20 and $40 – and you can find it on Amazon.

home gift
Image: Amazon

While we cannot guarantee that it works as well as a real mop, it’s impossible not to smile at the thought of your little baby wearing one. It’s important that they learn to help around at an early age – right?

Several reviews point out that it is mainly a gag gift – and that’s probably how you should see it. However, still a great gift for baby showers!

baby shower
Image: Amazon

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