How do you clench your fist? The answer says something about your personality

Have you ever wondered if our appearance affects our personality? If so, what is the connection and what can we learn from it? Will changing our looks have an impact on our character? Why does this happen?

Humanity has looked for an answer to these questions since time immemorial. Several studies, theories, and practices have been developed in an attempt to discover if looks can influence personality.

Fortune-tellers, for example, used to claim they could predict the future by reading the lines of our palms. Today’s equivalent would be something like online personality tests.

Of course, you should always take any of these tests with a pinch of salt, however, they are still quite fun. In addition, they usually end up getting a couple of things right.

This personality test below is about the way you make a fist with your hand, and how that affects your personality, reports The Daily Net.

Three ways to clench your fist

We close our hands several times during the day, usually without even thinking about it. It can be due to many reasons: nervousness, anger, anxiety, etc. However, how do we clench our fists? The answer might say something about us as people.

Below, you can see three different ways to make a fist – for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call them A, B, and C.

clench your fist

Which of them is the one you use? Check what the description says about your personality.

Type A

personality A

If this is how you close your hand, you are probably a cautious person. Your friends see you as humble and sensitive.

You don’t make hasty decisions, always thinking carefully before you take action, you are quite strategic and well organized.

You are very empathic, which makes you likable, and lets you quickly make friends. You appreciate company but also need your time alone.

Type B

If you put your thumb over your fingers in this way, you might be charming and talented. Your charisma makes it easy for you to be the center of any room you walk into.

You like to talk about everything with everyone, which is thanks to your unbound curiosity. Beating around the bush is just not your way, you are a straight shooter.

You carry your feelings on display, if you are happy, sad, or angry, it is immediately noticeable.

Type C

Closing your thumb under your fingers indicates an introverted personality.

The thumb symbolizes thoughts, which you are happy to keep to yourself. You have few but very close friends and like to avoid conflicts.

You appreciate social events but rarely stay until they end. Your most valued factors in life are harmony and tranquility.

How do you clench your fist – and how well does it fit in with your personality?

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