New Law proposal: Make eating meat illegal – to reduce emissions

New Law proposal: Make eating meat illegal

Nowadays, meat consumption, veganism, climate change, and the state of the world are very popular topics, and rightfully so, as all of them are vital to our survival. Sadly, we have divided opinions when it comes to fixing the current situation.

While some argue that making high polluting products illegal is the way to go, others say that everyone should be able to decide for themselves.

Now, however, a hint to a controversial new law proposal has been leaked online.

The proposal is not complete yet, but it seems to line up with an opinion that’s become quite popular lately – Michael Mansfield, a British lawyer, believes that it may soon become illegal to eat meat. He believes that the clear climate impact that steaks, sausages, and steaks have on the environment must have consequences for everyone involved.

Like smoking indoors

Michael Mansfield, 77, calls meat-eating a “wilful destruction of nature” – and he believes that it compares to how things like smoking have become illegal in recent years.

Michael Mansfield
Michael Mansfield. Photo: Flickr

It was in a speech for the Labor Party at a conference in Brighton that Mansfield said:

“I think when we look at the damage eating meat is doing to the planet it is not preposterous to think that one day it will become illegal.”

“There are plenty of things that were once commonplace that are now illegal such as smoking inside,” he tells Ladbible.

Meat illegal

Over the years, Mansfield has taken on several major cases – including representing the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. Whatever your opinion of him is, it’s hard to ignore the facts he highlights during the conference hosted by Viva.

Making meat illegal

Among other facts, he talks about how the three largest British meat producers generate more greenhouse gases than France. Or most European countries for that matter.

Make meat illegal?
Photo: Pixabay

What do you think – would you support meat becoming illegal or controlled?

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