A lot of people get this wrong – can you see which cat is different?

Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or math challenges; brainteasers can come in many forms. It is unimportant what kind of test you are dealing with. The main point is that your mind gets a good workout.

Brainteasers are, for the mind, the same a jog around the block is for the muscles. You simply become more alert and aware. In a time where technology does most of the thinking for us, it is vital to find a way to regularly get some mental exercise.

Therefore, the next puzzle (below) is a perfect example of something that can give us a much-needed break from the grinding at work or school.

Just staring at a screen all day can actually be quite strenuous for your mind – you may need to stimulate it in a different way to be able to get through the week in good health.

Sharpen all your senses

Solving optical challenges, image puzzles, or cool visual illusions requires intense cooperation between the eyes and the brain.

Our senses often need to work together for us to reach the solution on our own. According to the next puzzle’s creators, most people cannot solve it within 10 seconds.

I barely succeeded – so it’s not as simple as you might think at first glance.

Which cat is different?

There are three cats in the image. Your task now is to see which one stands out from the other two.

There is a specific detail that you must find to solve this visual puzzle.

You have 10 seconds – can you see which cat is different from the others?

which cat stands out?

Can you see what makes one of the cats stand out from the others? As I said, it is a specific detail – and if you find it, you’ll probably have the answer!

Most people can not do it within 10 seconds, but who knows? You might be a genius!

Below we’ll show you the correct answer!

Here is the cat that stands out

If you didn’t find the different cat, worry not. The answer will be after the picture below.

The correct answer is cat C!

Why? Well, it has no eyebrows, which both cats A and B have.

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