Brainteasers: How many holes does this hat have?

In today’s society, technology does most the work work for us. We hardly need to think at all. As things stand, we won’t need to talk or maybe even walk in the close future.

Of course, modern society has many advantages. But it can also make us give things for granted, to the point where we end up being a little lazy.

To avoid that, we must keep our heads active and give those brain cells a regular workout so the mind can stay fresh and sharp!

So now it’s time to do some good ‘ol brainteasing!

Think outside the box

Earlier this week, I found this tricky challenge (below) online – and according to several sites, most people get the answer wrong.

In other words, it’s not that simple – contrary to what you might think when you first see the puzzle.

However, it is important to think outside the box!

How many holes does the hat have?

Your task now is to figure out the next question: how many holes does this hat have?

Can you handle it? Here is the picture.

how many holes?

Hmm, how many holes can this hat really have?

Maybe it’s worth thinking for a few more seconds – most people jump the gun and end up with the wrong answer.

You might even feel a bit silly when the answer turns out to be something completely different.

Below, we present the correct answer.

The hat has this many holes

Well – time to find out if you are right or wrong!

The correct answer will appear below the next image.

technology is good and bad
Image source: PickPik

The correct answer is 3 holes. We will explain why next.

Most people answer 1, but since we can see the background behind the hat’s hole, which is yellow, it must mean that there is a hole on both the front and the back of the hat.

Then, of course, you also have to include the hole you use to put your head in! It’s there from the beginning, but it’s still a hole!

Did you get the right answer?

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I bet they will appreciate it – and it’s always fun to see if your close ones are as smart as you!