Can you spot the left-handed person in this picture?

Exercising the body regularly is important if we want to live a healthy and happy life. Most people can agree with that.

But what we forget is that the brain also needs a little exercise from time to time. It works just like the rest of the body, you need to keep it active to stay alert and fresh.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to exercise the brain, but one of the most popular ways today is brainteasers.

These challenges, like the one we find below, have been going around the web a lot lately, maybe because it’s quite difficult to solve them.

Which of these people is left-handed?

Here comes today’s challenge, in the picture below.

We can see five people. They’re all doing something.

But one of the people in the picture is left-handed.

Can you see who it is? Here comes the picture.


Can you guess? Take a good look.

You will find the correct answer after the picture below.


Here is the correct answer

Do you have an answer ready? If not, here is the correct one!


There! The waiter is left-handed!

How do we know that?

Waiters usually carry the tray with their “less skilled” hand to be able to serve more accurately with their main hand.

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