Test: Something in this cozy family photo is very wrong

Sometimes things are not what they seem at first sight.

When you first cast your eye onto something, it can appear ordinary – but sometimes, once you look closer and pay more attention, funny, scary, or interesting things might start coming up.

Over the years, we have seen plenty of evidence of such things. For example, when a mom was mortified after discovering a spooky detail on a photo. These surprising events have fascinated humanity since time immemorial. 

Maybe that’s why these pictures usually spread like wildfire as soon as they hit the web.

One picture that has become quite popular over the years, looks like an ordinary family photo. A mom, dad, and their four kids are sitting on a sofa, smiling at the camera – however, there is something unnatural about this photo.

A cozy family photo, or not?

Even if everything looks peaceful, there is something wrong. However, it is hard to perceive at first glance – but that is the whole point of the picture.

I had to take a long and careful look before I figured out what it was – but once I saw the strange detail, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. 

Now, look at the photo below. These people look like a wonderful and happy family, but something is hiding in the picture. And it changes everything.

Can you see what it is?

cozy family
Image: TwentyTwoWords

Did you find the strange detail in the picture?

If you succeeded, then congratulations are in order. You seem to have an eye for detail and hidden things!

The family must know about it

Otherwise, we will provide the answer below. Look inside the red circle.

Look at that! There is a seventh person trapped under them!

I’m assuming that the family has full knowledge of this, otherwise, it’s time to start believing in ghosts!

This cozy family is probably just joking around, but it remains unclear who the person under the couch is.

Now challenge your friends

What we can establish, however, is that they probably wanted to get out as soon as the picture was taken. It doesn’t seem cozy to be lying down under six people.

This hilarious (and sort of creepy) detail made the photo spread like wildfire online – which is not that strange.

At least we got a big smile from this.

Now press that share button below, and see if your friends can find the weird detail in this cozy family photo as fast as you!