Challenge: Try finding the dog hiding in this picture

It’s always fun to challenge yourself. Testing your skills and limitations is a good way to learn more about yourself – and find out the parts you need to improve or polish.

Something that I always found stimulating is to test myself with different kinds of puzzles. 

We recently wrote about a photo from a park that had thousands of people tearing their hair out. The whole thing was because there was a dog in the photo – which was very difficult to find. Partly because it was well camouflaged, and partly because you wouldn’t think to look at that particular spot.

Time to give your brain a workout

Such challenges go by different names, visual errors, picture puzzles, or optical illusions. They are meant to deceive your eyes. That in itself it’s already quite fascinating.

Did we pick your interest? Then the challenge we got for you today might be well appreciated. So get ready to focus and concentrate. To solve the next puzzle, you need to sharpen your senses and pay attention.

Find the doggy

In this picture (below) you can see a beautiful road in a forest. On the left side, we can observe the beautiful greenery, and you could almost think this is a calming scene from a movie. Somewhere in there, however, a little doggy is hiding.

Your task now is to find the doggy that’s hiding in the picture. Can you spot where the hidden dog is?

Find the doggy
Picture: Imgur

Not easy – right?

We’ll make it a little easier

Some of you probably found the dog and I have nothing but praise to give you.

For those of you who still need a little help to find the doggy, we’ll crop the picture a bit. Sounds good?

Great! I will also reveal that you need to look at the left side of the picture since the dog is hiding inside the forest.

Challenge help
Picture: Imgur

This will make it easier to find. We are basically zooming into the doggy.

Can you see the little devil now?

It’s still not that easy, but by now, I think most of you have at least an idea of where the doggy is.

Now check the correct answer is below – inside the yellow circle.

Doggy solution
Picture: Imgur

There it is! A playful doggy! The little troublemaker was not even hiding, but their beautiful colors blend perfectly with the background.

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