Challenge: Which one of these cats stands out?

I have recently started to spend more and more time solving the so-called brainteasers: Crosswords, Sudoku, etc. Anything that gives the brain a good workout.

The reason being that I’m trying to introduce better habits into my life. Since we are still in isolation due to the coronavirus, keeping my mind in shape has become a priority. The only way to put up with being in front of the computer all day, either working or having Zoom meetings, is to take every opportunity to exercise my brain and body.

It can be anything, from simple exercises and puzzles to time challenges and body workouts. The important thing is that you move those brain cells around often and keep your motivation and competitiveness alive!

With that said, the challenge we brought you today is a simple yet perfect example of how impactful it can be to give your mind a little break every now and then.

Picture: Pexels

Most of us can’t avoid staring into a screen all day, which can be quite straining for your eyes and brain. Stimulating your mind in a more relaxed way will let it heal and recharge for the next day.

Take for example optical illusions or visual puzzles; they require coordination between most of your senses. Concentration and focus are essential to solve this kind of challenge.

Which of these cats stands out?

According to the well-known Youtube channel EG Mines, most people can’t solve this puzzle within 10 seconds. I succeeded – but it wasn’t as simple as I thought at first glance.

There are 3 cats in this picture. Your task is to find out which one is not like the other two. There is a specific detail that is vital to solving this puzzle.

You have 10 seconds – can you figure out which of these cats stands out?

Which of these cats stands out?

Did you manage to see what makes one of the cats stand out from the others? As mentioned, it is a specific detail – and if you find it, you’ll have the answer!

Most people can’t find it in 10 seconds, so if you did, good job! Give yourself a pat on the back.

You can see the correct answer after the picture below!

Here is the answer

Solving the problem

The correct answer is cat C! Why? Well, it has no eyebrows, which both cat A and B do.

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