Only 1 in 5 people will find the mistake in this picture: Can you do it?

Only 1 in 5 people will find the mistake in this picture: Can you do it?

Sometimes I think I’m a little crazy, but whatever it takes, I have to win. Competitive instinct can, of course, be good in some contexts, but sometimes you need to take a step back and relax.

Now it’s not that terribly serious at home when we play board games, unless one of the kids happens to win. Unfortunately, they inherited it from their parents and can’t help it. Every time there is a competition at our place it’s rare if it doesn’t end in a fuss.

Well, now I may be exaggerating it a bit, but you know what I mean. It’s all about being the best at all costs – and in a family that is always playing and competing, it’s going to get rough pretty often.

Last weekend we had some friends over and, as usual, we started playing a game. I think it’s a brilliant way to hang out. First, you get to spend quality time together, and second, enjoy a fun activity with everyone.

1 in 5 get it right away

This time, it was a game that included finding out the error in some pictures. It was both common photos and cartoons. Some were more clever than others, but it felt really tense when everyone was staring looking for something in a picture during the allowed time.

Wikimedia Commons

It ended with my son and daughter, who were in one team, winning. Even if it was for fun and games, I was a little proud of them. Especially when you can clearly see how they inherited the competitive hunger from their parents!

Well, one of the hardest puzzle pictures that featured in the game was this one (below). It was not everyone who managed it, when I checked about it later it seems that only 1 in 5, according to the site Brightside, can find the mistake immediately.

Now the question is: Will you succeed?! What’s wrong with this image?

Some of you have probably discovered the error right away, while it will be trickier for some. It is apparently just 1 of 5 people who can see immediately what is going on.

Quick clue: the arms

If you want a clue, I can tell you to look at the woman’s arms. Something about them is strange.

If you can’t find, we will tell you below!

The correct answer is that the mirror provides the wrong reflection of the arms. The hand on the hat (left) appears, for example, to the right of the mirror, which is clearly wrong.

Were you able to find it? Then press the share button so you can send a fun challenge to your friends, maybe they are as competitive as you!