For geniuses only: Solve this tricky problem using nothing but simple school math

I can only speak for myself, but every now and then, I love going back on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, to solve puzzles and quizzes of various kinds. It can be anything from riddles and illusions, to even ordinary math problems.

That takes me right back to my childhood; when it was either homework from school, or just sitting and solving exciting puzzles from a little book my grandmother had.

It helps to keep my brain sharp and fresh – and that’s great, especially when you grow a little older!

Nowadays, technology does everything for us. We hardly need to think for ourselves, but to ensure that what you have inside your head continues to work well, it could be useful to train the mind regularly.

Can you solve this tricky problem?

I always find time to sit down with different challenges that stimulate my brain cells so I can keep my mind sharp and fresh. Usually, I’m more inclined to math problems, but it can also be riddles or even crossword puzzles.

But now I thought we should try to solve a math challenge that can get a bit tricky. It’s important to keep track of the mathematical order of operations – and how to solve a problem based on the proper calculation methods. What should you solve first?

Knowing this, certainly, it’s crucial for you to overcome this challenge!

To make things easier for everyone, we will show you 3 options! Can you solve the problem?

solve the problem

Are you sure about your answer?

Is it possible to solve it the usual way, from left to right? Do you have to start somewhere else instead? Yes, that’s the question!

Here comes the answer

Now, take your time – then check the answer in the picture below!

solve the problem

In conclusion, the answer is 26!

After solving the numbers inside the parenthesis, it is as simple as adding 1 and 25.

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