It looks like a normal sequence – but something is very wrong: Can you solve the problem?

Thinking logically is what differentiate us from animals. The brain and our ability to analyze situations develop the older we become until we hit our peak, usually when we’ve been in adulthood for long enough.

However, the logical part of the brain can deceive us with when faced with clever challenges. Logic always tries to look at things as they should be, but not always as they actually are.

Take maths for example, where we can use our logic. But if the problem is written with that in mind, the logical part can make us miss an important detail.

Math problems are my favorite puzzles along crosswords and sudoku. You have to think carefully and see what you remember from school while you get to train your brain, the feeling when you overcome a challenge is difficult to beat!

I found the test below online and it took a while before I solved it, in fact, few people managed to solve it.

Can you tell what’s missing?

Here comes the challenge. In the picture we can see a sequence from 1 to 53 – but two numbers are missing. Can you guess which ones?

To make it fair, you only have ten seconds to find them. Go!

Did you see which ones are missing?

If not, here is the answer.


The first number missing is 11.

And the other is 32.

Were you able to find the missing numbers? Congratulations, you have a great eye.

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