Most folks get this wrong: How many people went for a picnic?

Most folks get this wrong: How many people went for a picnic?

One of the best ways to pass the time during this lockdown is by solving puzzles and riddles.

Challenges help your brain exercise differently compared to when you are working or watching TV – a simple, yet wonderful method to heal and relax the mind. So you can forget about all your problems for at least a few minutes.

It’s usually hard to take time off to do it, but trust me it is worth it.

Every now and then we share some puzzles or illusions with you – and usually, those articles are well received.

Today’s clever puzzle

Being able to test your skills, challenge the brain and exercise the mind is actually both fun and necessary. Something healthy that feels good is a rare sight, so sitting down to solve a few brainteasers is a win-win situation.

people picnic
Picture: Pexels

With that said, I wanted to share this super clever puzzle that I came across online with you!

It really makes you think – and lets that problem-solver that you’ve kept inside since school days come out and run free again. They might be a little rusty after all these years – or are your skills polished and ready for any challenge?

Will you find the answer to this riddle?

Image: N365 / The Laugh Club

An elderly couple went on a picnic. They have 5 sons and each son has 3 children. In total, how many people went for a picnic?

How many went for a picnic?

Yes, now it is time to think. Take your time and count everyone, right?

We will report the correct answer below.

Image: Public Domain Pictures

So how many people went on this picnic then?

Maybe you think it’s 22 people? Sadly, that’s wrong.

The correct answer is that only 2 people went for a picnic.

At the beginning of the riddle, it says that an elderly couple went on a picnic. However, it was never said that their sons and their children went as well. Since that information was included, it probably made you start counting as you thought it was a math problem – it wasn’t.

The answer was much simpler than most people think.

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