They say “no one” can pass this test in 10 seconds – but can you see what’s wrong in this picture?

We are still under quarantine because of the coronavirus outbreak.

While everything seems like it will be fine, being stuck on social distancing might take a toll on our minds. But worry not, we are here to get rid of some of that stress, so you can enjoy this little pause and make the most out of it.

During these dark times we are going through, keeping your head in shape is vital to not get bored or depressed being all day inside.

Of course, there are many ways to achieve this, eating healthy, meditating, playing board games, solving puzzles, etc. But there is a finite amount of things you have at home to entertain yourself.

However, thanks to the internet, the amount of brainteasers and challenges you can find is endless!

Challenging yourself every day is great for your brain – besides, it’s fun to compete with others and even yourself.

You always feel sharper and fresher after a good session! Right?

Can you see the mistake?

Lately, a new challenge has been circulating on the web, and it doesn’t involve a math problem or guessing a riddle.

The goal is simply finding an error or mistake in a picture.

I came across the picture below the other day and it took me a while to figure out what was wrong with it.

Now the question is: can you do it in under ten seconds?

Look at the picture below and try to find the mistake – you only have ten seconds, so use them wisely!

Did you find it? Congratulations on that case! If you didn’t, no problem, most people can’t find it in under ten seconds.

Here comes the answer

We marked the mistake in the picture below.

There it is! Hidden in plain sight.

The train on the left lacks a locomotive!

Not an easy error to spot in less than ten seconds!

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