Most people in America will fail this riddle: Which glass has the most water in it?

Back when you used to go to school, problem-solving was an essential part of your studies.

Regardless of the subject, you sat down at your desk and exercised your mind trying to find an answer, which kept your young and developing brain in shape.

Once school was over, things changed, and today your brain is mostly filled with worries and ambitions. Being an adult is incredible, but it comes with a bit too many responsibilities.

You find yourself booking laundry, picking up the kids, hanging out with friends, at work, etc; which makes it hard to relax and let your brain heal and rest for a second.

Therefore, below, we’ve brought you a challenge that will make you put all your worries aside, so you can concentrate on solving the task ahead, and give your mind a well-deserved break.

Which glass has more water?

Below we see a picture of four glasses of water. Inside each of them, there is a different object.

Today’s challenge: find out which glass contains the most water.

Which glass has more water?

Can you figure out which glass it is?

Think carefully and choose the glass you think has the most water.

Below the next picture, you’ll see the correct answer.

Back to school

Here is the correct answer

Okay, did you pick a glass?


The correct answer is Glas B.

How did we get to that conclusion? When you put something in a container filled with water, the mass of the item will displace the liquid to fit. Therefore, the smallest object will need the most water to fill the glass.

Even without knowing the exact measures, we can all agree that the paper clip weighs the least. Which means it also takes up the least amount of space.

Did you pick the right glass? Congratulations on that case!

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