Today's challenge: Can you find the mistake in this picture of the alphabet?

Today’s challenge: Can you find the mistake in this picture of the alphabet?

Sometimes you have to give your mind a break. Staying at home all day because of the pandemic has probably taken a toll on most of us. Our sanctuary, our home, has become a prison for ourselves and our families. Of course, it could be worse, but that doesn’t mean we should be happy because some people are worse off.

It’s okay to feel stressed, bored, or even sad. Life as we know it has abruptly stopped, and we don’t know when it’ll be back to normal. 

But enough about that, after all, we are here to distract you from your everyday worries. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, get comfortable, and let us do some brainteasing together.

Ah, yes, puzzle solving. It’s always fun to find a new challenge – you test yourself and feel how your skills and competitive instinct measure up after all these years. It’s a great way to keep your mind in shape and have fun at the same time.

Therefore, I thought of a perfect challenge for today; it is neither too easy nor too difficult.

Most of you know the alphabet, right? I think so. You learned it back in school – quite a simple thing. Right?

Yes, it’s time to test how much you remember it. And also, check if your perception is as sharp as when you went to school. How will it go?

Find the mistake

Below, you can see a picture – and your task is to find the mistake inside this image. Not everyone can do it, so if you succeed, you are probably a genius!

mind the mistake
Image: N365 / The Laugh Club

Did you find the mistake in the image?

Are all 26 letters there? Yes, it seems so, right?

Some of you probably know the solution already, but for others, things are getting more confusing by the minute.

Worry not. Below, we have highlighted the mistake for you!

Image: N365 / The Laugh Club

There it is! In the question itself, there are two “the” in succession. Of course, that’s the mistake; there’s nothing wrong with the alphabet itself.

Did you find the mistake on your own? Then you have done an excellent job and succeeded where many of us couldn’t. Now press that share button and pass on this fun challenge!