Only 1 in 7 can spot the hidden cat

Something that has always fascinated people is optical illusions. At first, it seems that you are looking at something completely normal. However, after carefully studying the image for a while, unexpected things can suddenly appear.

These types of challenges can make the brain work at full capacity. Solving something that can be simple yet complicated is really not that easy.

The biggest hurdle in solving them is how our eyes process information. These imagines are designed to fool us into either missing details or seeing something completely different.

Over the years, we have seen samples of many impressive images. But when a new hidden detail surfaces, it becomes a challenge.

1 in 7 finds the cat

In any case, I am a person who cannot leave these things alone without finding the answer. If there is something hidden in a picture, I must find it. They are my favorite type of brainteasers!

Earlier today, I found this picture online! According to Mind Oddities, only 1 in 7 people can solve this visual illusion. It looks like an ordinary wood pile, but a cat is hiding somewhere in there!

Can you find it?

Mind Oddities

Now, make sure you’ve taken a good look so you don’t make it too easy for yourself!

Below, we’ll tell you where the cat is! Look inside the red circle!

That little fluffball is hiding incredibly well, thanks to its color!

New challenge

Since we’ve now warmed up the brain cells a bit, I think we’ll take another optical challenge.

A bear is hiding in this picture! However, it is not easy to find—can you do it?

Look high up in the picture. In addition, it does not necessarily have to be a real bear, but maybe something that looks like it.

Did it get easier now? Well—below comes the solution! Check inside the red circle!

So it wasn’t a real bear, but the branches seem to be shaped like one! So interesting and silly at the same time!

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