Only 1 in 7 people gets this right: Do you see what’s wrong here?

Challenging myself with different types of brainteasers is something I’ve enjoyed my whole life!

Even when I was little, I remember doing my best to solve the crossword puzzles that came with the newspaper, even though they were meant for adults. Of course, I rarely managed to solve them and had to get help from my parents.

Later in life, I became quite fond of sudoku. And nowadays, I find myself chasing after a completely different type of challenge. The one below is a great example of this new way to test your mind.

I think this type of brainteaser has become quite popular due to its simplicity. Followed by its surprising cleverness! It is a very different experience than most other puzzles.

Keeping the brain in shape is at least as important as it is for the body. If you want to live a long and happy life, that is. Therefore, it is good to regularly engage in some good ‘ol brain teasing.

A puzzle with a lot of traction

This type of brain exercise has started to circulate a lot online, and I find it super interesting! The goal is to find a detail, a pattern, or just what’s wrong with the image.

It is vital to concentrate in order to solve this one. Most people have to look several times before figuring out the answer.

But if you bring your A-game, I know you’ll have no problem solving it.

Can you find what’s wrong within ten seconds?

Okay, here comes the challenge. Think of it as a puzzle that has left thousands online tearing their hair out in frustration.

Below, we can see an image, everything looks fine, right? However, there is something wrong with the picture.

Your task is to find the mistake within ten seconds. If you succeed, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

Only one in seven people can do it!

what's wrong here?

Can you solve this tricky mystery? If you need a clue, I can tell you to look at the ENTIRE image and not just where you think the mistake is.

Here is the answer

Below the next picture, we’ll reveal the answer for those who couldn’t find it.


The mistake in the picture is not among the numbers but in the question above. The last word has a grammatical “mitsake.”

It says mitsake instead of a mistake. Of course, the numbers are in the correct order!

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