Optical illusion: Is the cat walking up or down the stairs?

Now that it’s super cold outside, there’s not much to do. I guess a good choice would be to crawl inside a comfy blanket and enjoy a cup of tea while you solve a few brainteasers. Sounds good?

You can find puzzles and riddles in magazines, newspapers, and more commonly nowadays, the internet.

Thanks to that, there is an infinite number of brainteasers at the reach of our fingertips. Like the one below, for example.

Visual puzzles, also known as optical illusions, have piqued humanity’s curiosity since time immemorial.

The creators of these illusions craft them to fool the human eye into missing things, from a small detail to the entire image’s meaning. This whole line of work is considered its own type of art and, honestly, is quite fascinating.

Different views in the same image

An optical illusion tricks the eye into getting caught up in specific details within an image. But the more you observe the whole thing, the better are the chances you’ll see something completely different.

This does not mean that the image is changing, but that the image is created so that you can see different shapes and objects depending on your perspective.

Usually, there is no “right answer” for these types of images. However, people will still debate about it for eternity – as everything is in the eye of the beholder.

Which way is the cat walking?

Today’s challenge is a classic optical illusion that has divided the web, confusing people left and right.

When you see the picture below, you’ll understand why – it is a captivating creation.

Is the cat walking up or down the stairs?

Cat walking up or down?

Up or down?

At first glance, you might think that the kitty is walking down the stairs. But if you look away for a moment and then back at the picture, you might see that it is going up instead.

Those who think the cat is walking downwards refer to the steps’ edges and the well-lit part behind the cat.

In fact, there is no correct answer, as none of the creators ever clarified what direction the cat was going.

What do you think, is it walking up or down the stairs?

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