Puzzle: Can you see the yellow pen among all the books?

If you want to live a long and happy life, you need to keep your mind and body in shape. So we need mental exercise to be part of our routine. Trust me; you’ll feel your mind clear up after a few brainteasers.

Puzzles come in many shapes and forms, and it doesn’t matter how you exercise the mind, as long as you do.

What’s important is that you move those brain cells around regularly. So take 10 minutes to put all everyday tasks and responsibilities aside for a moment. It will help you recharge your batteries and de-stress.

Fun challenge

It’s also fun to challenge yourself and test your skills and limitations.

The company Oxbridge, which deals with different academic programs, has posted a brainteaser online.

It is a cartoon picture with lots of books in various colors, red, green, light blue, and orange. All stacked in different groups.

Can you find the yellow pen?

However, there is also a yellow pencil somewhere within that mess of books.

Your task now is to find it – but you must complete it in a maximum of 20 seconds.

Are you prepared? Here comes the picture.

find the yellow pen

Did you manage to find the yellow pen?

It is certainly not easy—especially with the time limit of 20 seconds.

Here is the location of the pen

Apparently, most people can’t find it, according to The Mirror.

But now, we’ll report the location of the pen. Check inside the yellow circle below.

exercise solution

Yes, there it is. However, it is precisely the slightly different color that stands out and makes it possible to spot.

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