Puzzle: Which bird looks different?

One of the strongest memories from my childhood is getting my hands on comic books. Some of them came every week—others less often. The ones that came with the newspaper contained various types of challenges.

I remember it was a fun and much-needed break from reading whatever series I was following. It was also very exciting to compare the results with my friends and see who could solve all the puzzles first.

Regardless of the outcome (I remember losing most of the time), it was a joyful and thrilling part of my life. I remember it being very competitive.

As an adult, I still think brainteasers are fun. They don’t have to be lengthy or complicated—trying to understand a riddle or an optical illusion is good enough.

Time to focus

Nowadays, it doesn’t feel like I can focus on solving a few brainteasers as often as I used to. It could be that I’m getting old, or my responsibilities take so much more time—I can’t be sure.

But that’s why I always cheer up when I find time to solve a puzzle. It reminds me of the good ‘ol days.

Earlier today, for example, surfing the web, I came across the challenge below—and it was more deceptive than I thought at first glance.

Find the answer in 30 seconds

According to the authors, most people can’t find the correct answer in 30 seconds.

The trick is to figure out which of these three cartoon birds is different from the other two.

Here is the picture—are you ready?

the bird

Remember that most people can not do it in 30 seconds, so do not despair if you can’t find which bird stands out.

Try to scan the picture with your eyes slowly—only then can you probably come up with the solution!

Below we present the answer.

Here is the different bird

Have you come up with an answer? Below the following picture comes the solution.

Image source: Pixabay

Here is the answer.

So it is bird number one that stands out.

Why? Well, it has more visible feathers on the chest than numbers two and three!

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