What’s the first thing you see in this image? The simple test will disclose how you feel – deep inside

If someone asked you how you feel right now – what would you answer?

Personality tests are the latest rage online, they claim to be able to deduct different things about our personalities. Of course, you should take them with a grain of salt, however, they are still fun to do, quite often they are spot on.

This simple test claims to know how you feel right now, deep inside, depending on which figure you first see in the picture.

Of course, how you feel varies with time, we are not robots. How your day is going, the people you have around you, what you eat, how much you sleep and many more things affect your state of mind.

What do you see first in the picture?

Below you can see a picture, one of the so-called optical illusions. It’s painted in a way that can fool the eye and contains two clear figures.

According to the test which, as I said, you should take with a pinch of salt, the figure you see first will reveal how you feel right now.

Here is the picture – what do you see first: a woman or a skull?

figure test

Here comes the explanation.

Did you see a skull first?

test figure

If you see a skull first, then you have inner strength and you are ready to face whatever challenges life throws at you. You possess strong leadership skills that will help you complete the tasks assigned to you.

Do you see a woman first?

test figure

If you instead see a woman laying on her knees, you have low self-confidence. You have a hard time making decisions and are afraid of decisions that will bring major changes in your life. On the other hand – you are very creative and solution-oriented!

Was this test accurate?

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