The illusion that shook the internet: Is the cat going up or down the stairs?

Picture puzzles, or optical illusions as they are also known, have haunted the human brain since the beginning of time.

The creators of vision puzzles have the ability to take or paint in a manner that baits the human eye into seeing something that perhaps, or perhaps not, is there.

The whole thing could be regarded as a science and is actually quite amazing.

The picture below has shaken thousands of people online, and the debate goes on – is the cat going up or down the stairs?

An optical illusion lures the eye to get caught in some details in a picture. If we then look away for a few seconds and back at the picture again, we might suddenly see something completely different.

The illusion that shook the internet

It doesn’t mean that the picture has changed in any way, but that the author created the picture in such a way that we can see several shapes or figures in the same picture.

Usually, there is no “right answer”, but people will continue to debate for ages to come – everything resides in the eye of the beholder.

The latest in the line of pictures discussed extensively online is the picture below.

The everlasting question that everyone wants to answer: Is the cat going up or down the stairs?

cat stairs illusion

What do you think – up or down?

At first glance, one can think the kitten is going down the stairs.

But if you look away for a moment and then on the picture again, you can see it could be the opposite.

Those who think the cat goes down the stairs refer to the edges of the steps and the brighter part behind the cat.

Those who think the cat goes up the stairs, however, think the picture was taken from the top of the stairs and the light behind the cat is the bottom floor.

In fact, there is no right answer, since the creators didn’t explain which theory is correct.

What do you think, is it going up or down the stairs?

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