The length of your pinky will tell you a lot about your personality

As long as mankind has existed, we have studied our external attributes and appearance to try to find a connection with particular personality traits.

In the past, for example, fortune tellers were pretty popular. By reading the lines in your palm, they would predict something about your future.

This type of personality test is available today, but instead of fortune tellers, like most other things in the world, they have become available online.

Of course, one should take these with a pinch of salt; however, they are still very fun and the fact is that a lot of times they are spot on with the predictions.

So, with that in mind, look at your little finger – and check what it says about your personality.

What your hand looks like, compared to others’, probably never crossed your mind. As long as it works, we don’t really care. But apparently, its appearance can say something about our own personality.

According to the site Curious Mind, the length of your pinky finger can determine different traits of your personality. Below you can see the three different types of pinkies and how they affect our personality.

Pinky shape A

If your finger looks like the picture above, you are distant and reserved. You keep your thoughts and opinions for yourself, especially around people you don’t trust.

Others see you as a very strong-willed and independent person. For you, honesty comes first, lying is never an option. Loyalty is your core value and you expect the same from the ones that have gained your trust.

People who don’t know you well, think you’re a little cold and stubborn, but you simply pay no mind or time to things or people that don’t interest you.

However, those who are close to you know your heart is made of solid gold and that you would do anything for them. You also enjoy their company more than anything.

Pinky shape B

If you have a slightly longer pinky you are sensitive and emotional. When you like someone, that person becomes central to your life. You do everything in your power for your loved one and you make sure to treasure the relationship.

However, you are quite careful with whom you choose as the focus of your attention. When you are vulnerable, you are also afraid of being hurt. You are kind and nice to everyone, even though you may not think as highly of them as they may think.

You are very goal-oriented. Work, education, family, and friends always come first. Goals awareness makes you successful and you are calm by nature, helping you take better decisions for your future.

Pinky shape C

pinky C

If you have a little pinky like in the picture above, you are an optimistic person.

Negativity just goes over you and it’s rare to see you angry about anything. If someone wrongs you, you deal with it quickly and move on with your life, it’s simply too short to spend part of it angry.

You can sometimes be perceived as a bit demanding and egocentric, but it is because your confidence is intimidating and because you are usually in the right. However, should you ever be wrong, you are the first one to recognize it and apologize.

You are very straight forward when you talk and you hide nothing from others, what you see is what you get.


Which pinky is yours? And was de prediction right about your personality?

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