The riddle that only a few people can solve: Are you able to do it?

Riddles, it’s something that most people used to do as a child, either when you were hanging out with friends or when you were visiting family. Those small books full of puzzles and riddles that my grandpa had were the most fun thing ever. Today, however, they’re no longer that common.

Why? I wonder. Riddles are fun, you get a good adrenaline boost trying to figure out the answer.

You also have to focus and coordinate your mind and eyes to solve them – which is a very healthy exercise for the brain.

Thanks to the internet though, there are plenty of new brainteasers to look around. After solving a few, I always feel like my mind can think a little clearer. With that said, I wanted to share a riddle with you, I found it earlier this week looking around the web. See if you can solve it.

What is their relationship?

We have a mystery in our hands.

Can you figure out which of the options is right?

Think about it carefully, I know you can solve it easily.

Here comes the riddle

Did you figure out what was the relationship between these two?

Congratulations to you in that case!

If you didn’t, then you can check the answer below the next picture.

Time for the answer

The answer is option C: the doctor is a woman and the mother of the boy.

Certainly, one gets fooled by their own prejudices that a doctor can only be a man?

You must think a little outside the box to solve this mystery!

Did you solve the riddle?

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