This looks like an ordinary sequence of numbers – but can you spot what’s wrong?

The human brain is incredible, the things it can remember and learn are what separates us from animals. But when faced with something designed to fool it – it’s quick to play pranks on us – without even noticing.

When we come across a riddle or visual illusion, we often see or perceive only part of the truth. However, that is the charm of these challenges.

In recent times, perhaps because of this, it has become a bit of an online trend to challenge friends and family with a brainteaser to find out who has the sharpest brain!

Not many people pass this next test on the first try. But if you give yourself some time, you will probably end up solving it. However, if we add a bit of a time limit, things will get more interesting. Can you solve it in under 20 seconds?

Below, you can see a sequence of numbers between 1 and 53, but two numbers are missing. Your challenge is to find them!

A sequence of numbers

I couldn’t find them on the first try – and neither did my colleagues! Now it’s up to you to prove that your skills are better!

sequence of numbers

As I said, I didn’t manage it on my first try, but after going through the sequence of numbers once more, I understood which two numbers were missing!

Prove your skill

Below, we present the solution in two separate pictures!

test for the brain

The first number missing is 11.

The second missing digit in the sequence of numbers is 32.

So if you noticed on the first try that the missing numbers were 11 and 32, you passed the test! That really proves your skills!

If so, I think you should hit that SHARE button below and challenge your friends! Remember that it never hurts to do a bit of brain-teasing!