This math challenge is meant for 10-year-olds – but can you solve it?

This math challenge is meant for 10-year-olds – but most adults can’t solve it

The basic subjects in school include Science, English, Social Studies, and Math. All four are considered fundamental to a youngster’s education.

It was a daily struggle to keep up with school back then, especially with Mathematics. But if you think about it, how much do you actually remember from those days?

We will test this today, with an equation that could very well have been taken out of a math book.

As with most life skills, you need some practice to keep them sharp, especially with math.

If you haven’t practiced your problem-solving abilities in a while, you might have difficulty with today’s math challenge.

Do you know the answer?

Here comes an equation that few adults remember how to solve.

Can you handle this math challenge?

Math challenge

5 + 7 (2 + 1) = ?

What could the answer be?

Look closely and think, how were you supposed to solve equations with parenthesis?

The correct answer is below.

Math challenge’s solution

Let us see if you are as sharp in math as when you were little and went to school. The solution will be under the next picture.

Image source: Pexels

The correct answer is 26.

How did we get 26?

According to the order of operations, first, you solve the equation inside the parentheses, 2 + 1, which becomes 3.

Then we multiply 7 by 3, which totals in 21.

What remains is 5 + 21 = 26.

Did you get it right? Good work!

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