Only 1 in 7 can spot the dog hiding in this picture – can you find it?

Only 1 in 7 can spot the dog hiding in this picture – can you find it?

In recent times, the challenge of solving picture puzzles and optical illusions has become increasingly popular online. I think the pandemic has made us look for different ways to challenge ourselves – after all, America is all about competition and being the best. Right?

I remember back in my school days many years ago, when our teacher used to end the class with us having to solve a few puzzles. It was something a bit out of the ordinary and felt like a break from the routine.

Most often, the challenges involved finding a specific detail that that would lead you to the solution. I remember you could hear a pin drop in the classroom while this was going on. As soon as we got our task, everyone got serious. Winning is winning!

Even today, I treasure every minute I spend solving brainteasers. The web is a constant source of problems and tricky challenges. For example, sudoku was really popular when everyone got their information from the newspapers. But nowadays, it feels like visual puzzles and optical illusions are a bit of the new trend.

Only 1 in 7 find the hiding dog

This image (below) has thousands online tearing their hair out trying to solve it. It shows an older man – everyone can probably see that. However, there is also a dog hiding in the picture. The question is: can you find it?

Apparently (according to several sites that have published this challenge), only 1 in 7 can find it within 20 seconds, so it is definitely not easy!

dog hiding

Did you manage to find the dog? If not, there are a few tips we can give you. Look at the parts of the man’s face that seem a little strange – and then start from there!

If that didn’t help, then maybe we can agree that the nose looks a bit boney? Also, the eyes are a bit strange, right? And why are there no lines on his right ear? Think about it!

If you still can’t see it, the correct answer will be after the picture below! But first, give it one last try and see if you find where the dog is “hiding” inside the image.

dog hiding solution

So, if you turn the picture around, voila! There is the dog! Now you may understand where I was going with the clues. All parts play a crucial role in shaping the dog!

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They may need a little brain teasing!