How do you sit? The answer will tell you something interesting about your character

Throughout history, we humans have tried to find a connection between our external appearance and our personality.

Back in the day, fortune-tellers made a living by reading the palm of people’s hands and linking the attributes to their character, surroundings, and future. Today we can get a similar experience thanks to online personality tests.

However, I always take these types of things with a pinch of salt. It’s not wise to let chance influence big life decisions, but you probably know that already. And is still both fun and exciting to take these tests every now and then.

The truth is, they often get things right!

This particular character test is based on how you position your legs when you sit down – it was spot on for me!

We spend a big part of our life sitting down. Our legs’ position varies, of course, but there is usually a position we always orbit back to. However, did you know that it can say something about your character?

According to Home Remedy and The Usual Routine. This can reveal something you didn’t know about yourself or help to confirm something you already kinda knew.

A creative character?

Now we will go through what these 5 different positions for the legs mean. Which one is your favorite?

position of your legs tells something about your character

Position A

People that sit down like this are optimistic and charismatic. They are usually cheerful individuals, and it is impossible to get bored around them. However, their easy-going personality makes them wait for problems to solve themselves. They tend to talk before they think, but are easy to reason with. 

Position B

Those who sit in this position are daydreamers. They have a fantastic imagination, are creative, and have big goals. These types are often the center of attention. They never run out of new incredible ideas. Their adventurous nature pushes them to travel and make new friends.

They never sit around waiting for opportunities to come to them – when they want something, they do everything in their power to make it happen. Therefore, don’t be surprised if these people quickly decide to change their city, job, or partner. They get easily bored and are constantly looking for a change.

personality test

Is your character strategic?

Position C

People who sit like this have difficulty concentrating and staying still. They are often surrounded by chaos. Still, they have full control over the disorder around them and are therefore usually relaxed. They pay attention to how they look, but never at the price of not being comfortable.

Position D character

People who sit in this position are intelligent, careful, and strategic. They prefer to keep personal thoughts and feelings to themselves and feel awkward when others open up to them. However, they are not afraid to confront those who misbehave. Others can sometimes perceive them as slightly rude or cold. 

Position E

These people are very driven, and often their careers come first. Therefore, they are in no hurry to start a family and settle down, those things can take as long as they need. However, their goals are super ambitious, and they will work hard to achieve them.

It’s fascinating how much our body language can reveal! I recognized myself immediately. If you think this was interesting, feel free to press that share button below and check our other personality tests!