Today’s Challenge: Can you spot the hidden letter?

Over seven and a half billion people live on this planet. But even though there are so many of us, we all are unique.

The combination of our looks, the way we talk, and our skills, makes us completely different individuals. Some of us are born with a talent to play sports, while others can learn a language or a new math theorem much faster.

Of course, most skills can be trained, but not all of them. Especially those that have to do with genetics and our body limits.

If you have poor eyesight or hearing, there are aids you can use, but that is not always the case.

It is important to understand yourself, and if you are not good at something, it is okay. Just move on – and know that you are probably good at something else!

Now I thought we could test our skill at something we may not always be able to control – our sight.

More specifically, our ability to see color. In America, according to Wikipedia, around 12 million people have a reduced ability to perceive colors.

Find the hidden letter

The degree varies, of course. For some, it is only a slight difference, while others are completely unable to see multiple colors.

This challenge may give you a little hint about your situation. If you manage to solve it, you probably do not need to worry, but if you fail, it may be time to see an optician for a closer inspection.

I thought I had a perfect color vision, I must admit – it still took a few seconds before I found the correct answer in the picture below.

Your task is to find the letter hidden among all the dots! Can you do it?

find the hidden letter

So, how did it go?

In this test, you either pass within the first few seconds, or it’s probably not possible. At least that’s how it felt for me when I took on the challenge.

Ready to know if you have the correct answer? Check it below.

Here is the correct letter

Have you figured out which letter it was? The answer comes after the next picture.

Image source: Pexels

The correct answer is that the letter hiding in the picture is none other than the F. But most of you probably already knew that!

Did you pass this tricky test?

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