Today’s Challenge: How many T’s are there in this picture?

From time to time, you have to take a break from all the chores, routines, and obligations in your adult life. It’s the only way to clear your mind – and recharge your batteries so you can jump back into action.

Brainteasers such as crossword puzzles, riddles, sudoku, etc. help us find a different stimulation than when we sit at work all day stressing away.

I absolutely love to test my skills in different ways. And brainteasers are not only fun but healthy as well!

When I meet my friends for coffee, it’s a tradition to always challenge each other by coming up with new puzzles, riddles, and everything in between. Then we compete to see who has the fastest brain in the group that day!

Precisely, the challenge below was shared by one of my friends the last time we met. It is not as simple as you might think at first glance. None of us got it right on the first try.

How many T’s can you find?

Apparently, this is quite common – most people answer wrong when they try to solve it in under 10 seconds, which is the time limit for the challenge!

Now let’s see if you can get the correct answer!

We can see a picture with a yellow background filled with 7’s. But in several places, there are also a few T’s s hiding. Because the number and the letter are so similar, this can easily fool your eyes.

How many T’s can you see in the picture?!

find all the t's

It’s quite tricky to look at this image, right?

Finding all the T’s is more complicated than you would think. At least that’s how I felt.

Did you get it right?

Now, keep in mind how many letters you found in the first 10 seconds!

I can already reveal that there are more than 5 T’s in the picture. In fact, a lot more!

Okay, ready to see the answer? Below the next picture, you can see if you got it right!

mind teaser

It’s time to report the answer! In the picture, all T’s will be marked with a red circle!

The correct answer: there are 9 T’s in the picture!

Did you find more than 5 T’s? Then I think you did a great job! Now share this fun challenge with your friends!