Today’s Challenge: Which glass contains the most water?

When you were young and went to school, you had to spend all day solving problems.

No matter what subject, you sat at your desk and worked those brain cells all day, which meant that your mind was in top shape at all times.

However, after school, all that stopped. Today, your brain is mostly filled with stress from work and adult life instead.

Laundry times, picking up the kids, cleaning, assignments, meetings, and everything in between. The mind is constantly being overworked without a proper break.

Therefore, we have brought you a puzzle that will make you put all everyday chores aside for a while. Just enough to recharge your batteries and face a new day with a healthy mind.

Which glass contains the most water?

Below, we can see a picture of four glasses. These cups are filled with water and different objects.

Today’s challenge: figure out which glass contains the most water.

Which glass contains the most water?

Can you figure out which glass it is?

Think carefully and choose the glass you believe has the most water.

Below, we’ll show you the correct answer.

Here is the right glass

Okay, have you picked the glass you think has the most water?

Here is the correct answer.

Solution to the problem

Glass B.

Glass B has a paper clip inside, which is the smallest of all the objects in the different glasses. So there is room for more water there.

Did you get the correct answer on your own? Congratulations to you in that case!

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